Earlier I posted that my legs felt like cinder blocks.. Well! I used that feeling as inspiration for my cardio! Strapped on 5lbs to each ankle and hit the treadmill! it turned out great and I even did extra!

Want to do what I did? Here it is~
I used my Bowflex Treadclimber, but you can use any treadmill with a good incline.

Step 1~ crank up the incline and keep it there. I chose a 2.0 speed and higher. The scissor walk takes focus esp if you’re not hanging on, so lower speed is ok
Step 2~ GO!!!!>

  • 5 min warm up
  • 5min Scissor Walk (Cross-stepping one foot over the other)
  • 5min In Reverse (literally turn around & push the belt away from you with your quads
  • 5min Scissor Walk
  • 5min In Reverse
  • 5 min Scissor Walk
  • 5min Glute Focus (pushing the belt back, away from you with your hamstrings and glutes. You will need to hang on for this! Lower speed is necessary for good, deep concentrated steps/reps)
  • Last 5 minutes~
  • 1min run
  • 20 reps abs ( I did decline crunches today, but you can do any type of abs/core move you like)
  • 1min run
  • 20 reps abs
  • 1min run
  • 20 reps abs
  • 1 min run
  • 20 reps abs
  • 1 final run, and run hard!
  • You guessed it, 20 more reps of abs!
  • Cool down at a low speed on the ‘mill. Enjoy the glow!