The Process~ It means get  your meal plan and stick to it. It means follow through with your commitment to get to the gym every week day. It means getting your sleep and diminishing stress. It means making the right choices starting at the …grocery store. It means you will not succumb to every-day urges for things you are trying to avoid, and will feel better for it. It means you will fight to make changes, no matter how small, consistently, for as long as it takes.

The tighter you keep the process, the faster you will LIVE INTO your goals and results~ being healthier by a certain age, your wedding dress, dating scene, body competition, beating an illness through a holistic approach, or being in the best shape of your life, or just finally being HAPPY and loving yourself.. whatever it may be.

It will be hard. But not every day. There will be times you wonder if you’re strong enough, if it’s supposed to be THIS HARD.. but You CAN work through the tough times, the scheduling, the fatigue. Your goals ARE WORTH IT, and YOU ARE WORTH IT. You will find all new levels of self respect and confidence. No one can give you these things, it is a gift to yourself, as you sacrifice what’s comfortable for something greater than you were before. There might not be any money in it, but what you get to live with cant be bought… Your health and well-being comes above all in the end.

What kind of mind/body do you want to live in?