Toledo City Paper is running their Best of Toledo 2015 annual nominations. We sure would love it if you vote for Angela Yeo as Toledo’s best personal trainer! You can get to the ballot by clicking here. Once on the ballot, scroll down to the Looking Good, Feeling Good section, and write Angela Yeo into the Personal Trainer section. We would absolutely love your support.

You need to include 15 selections on your ballot for it to count. I’m sure you have a favourite doctor, hair stylist, restaurant, burger joint, pizza, etc. So add in as many as you can. It will help them all out and also make your vote count! I have a couple of extra suggestions if you are looking to for ideas! Maxwell Austin is definitely Toledo’s #1 entrepreneur and his business, Glass City Pedicabs is the areas coolest green business. They gym Angela trains out of is Inspire Fitness. Burger Bar 419 has my favourite burgers. If Ankhjii gets to have pizza, she steers me towards Pizzapapalis. We have some great options for beer like Black Cloister or Maumee Bay. I like to buy my local beer at The Anderson’s and liquor from Cork’s. Mansion View Inn is the wedding venue for sure (maybe I’m biased), Wixey is a great bakery, and Myrtle flowers is downright fantastic!

There are plenty of options on the ballot and I’m sure you can come up with 15 of your fave things and people around town. Cast your vote and help the local community get recognized!