It’s a fair question! Are you wasting money for a gym membership? I read about lots of folks who pony up for that membership and just wind up paying the dues and never going. Why do that? Here’s an idea for you, why not drop that burden. Yup, why pay for a membership you aren’t using! Here’s another scenario. Maybe you pay for that membership and you DO go to the gym. Are you seeing the results you expected? Maybe it’s time to reconsider that too. Why pay that money if you aren’t getting what you expected?

Here’s an idea. Ankhjii is a personal trainer at Total Nutrition. She’s not one of those trainers at the big gym who just sees you as another commission, another member, an anonymous face. There’s a good chance we are already friends! You’re friends with Ankhjii and she takes your personal goals very seriously. She makes your goals her goals. I’ve seen the kind of time she spends on each of her clients at home working on individual, customized plans. She is very committed to your success.

I just don’t think you are going to see that kind of dedication anywhere else. And that translates to success. You can come in to Total Nutrition and just buy yourself one session if you want to test the waters. The best thing is to save some loot and buy a package deal. It’s not just about saving money, you’re more likely to continue if you invest like that. Financial commitments help to motivate.

So take a moment and think about where you stand. Are you meeting your goals? If not, why not try something new! If you are interested in setting something up, contact Ankhjii or myself, you can even stop in to Total Nutrition. In fact, you can even just leave a comment on the website here and I’ll make sure Ankhjii gets it.