The redesign is mostly complete and the shop has been tested and is now open! I’ve clicked all around the site and everything looks good! I just finished sandbox testing payments through the shop and everything worked for me! Had a couple of bugs with some display issues that I finally got figured out. It’s been a bit of work, I hope you’ll swing by and check it out!

While you visit, why not check out the new online shop? As I figure out how to create and add some new items, they will show up in there, but right now we have the photo series that was recently featured in Natural Gainz magazine available, autographed, personalized, and in two sizes! With the cost of printing, packaging, mailing, and Paypal fees we don’t make much money off of the photos, but what we do make goes directly into Ankhjii’s competition fund – every cent counts there! We’re always looking for creative ways to raise funds!

If you have any feedback on the site, feel free to let one of us know or leave a comment here. I’ll be tinkering for some time to come to get everything perfect and we definitely appreciate your feedback!