You there! That’s right, I’m talking to you! Probably just finished up your Thanksgiving meal and probably don’t feel like doing much of anything. I’m writing this post a day in advance and I’m willing to bet I’m in the same condition! But Black Friday is impending and with it comes all the crazy shopping. I won’t be doing that, it’s not my thing. I will be taking advantage of one special tomorrow though. I’m heading on over to Inspire Fitness in Maumee to take advantage of their Black Friday special. Yup, you read that right. I’m joining a gym.

Inspire FitnessI’ve been in Inspire Fitness a few times now and it’s got everything going for it. Great location, clean, friendly, loaded with gear. Their rates are normally quite good to begin with, at $10 a month and no contract. But for Black Friday you (we) can take advantage of their $1 signup fee. I’m pretty sure they want your first and last month’s membership fees paid at the time of signup, so you can walk in with $21 in your pocket and walk out a member of a badass gym.

Maybe once you join the gym, you might find that you want to work with a personal trainer. Luckily, Inspire Fitness has you covered there too! You can even hire Angela Yeo, world champion athlete and ISSA certified trainer, as your personal trainer. You can’t go wrong. So take a few minutes on Black Friday and join me in taking that first step. We can rock 2016 together!

Inspire Fitness is located right at the corner of the Anthony Wayne Trail and South Detroit in Maumee. See you there!